The Modern-Day Revival

After two years of planning and the formation of the Edinburgh March Riding Association, the Riding of the Marches returned to Edinburgh in 2009 after a gap of 62 years.  To commemorate the first modern day Riding of the Marches in Edinburgh, a new City of Edinburgh banner was commissioned in consultation with the Lord Lyon King of Arms.  On 9th February 2009, local businessman and major sponsor of the Riding of the Marches, Robert Miller, presented the City of Edinburgh banner to Lord Provost George Grubb.

Mr Miller of RH Miller Town & Country financed the making of the banner and presented it as a gift to the City. The new banner was made in Scotland and bears the Arms of the City of Edinburgh, which were first recorded in the public register of All Arms and Bearings in 1774.

Photo: Robert Miller presented the City of Edinburgh Banner to Lord Provost George Grubb

The City of Edinburgh Banner is held in the safekeeping of the Lord Provost of Edinburgh within the City Chambers.  The Banner will appear on public display several times every year when the Edinburgh Captain carries it on official engagements.

The Arms of the City of Edinburgh

The City of Edinburgh Banner, commissioned in 2009 and financed by Robert Miller of RH Miller Town & Country