Media Centre

Here you can contact our Media Centre for information on our events, apply for a Press Pass for our events and find information and links to media coverage of the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches in past years.

Take a look at some of the articles covering the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches:

Radio Coverage:

BFBS Radio Scotland Breakfast Show, Monday 11th September 2017

Click on the image below and listen to Tony McQue interview First Officer – and veteran of the Royal Navy & Royal Marines – Alfie Cummings, for BFBS Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland ‘Out for the Weekend’ Radio Show, Friday 15th September 2017

Event Co-ordinator of the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches talks about the 2017 event

Printed press:

The Times (Scotland & London), The Herald, The National, Edinburgh Evening News, Metro

Online press:

Daily Telegraph, Scotsman, Daily Mail, Express and Star, Evening Times, Belfast Telegraph, EQY Magazine (12th April & 13th September), The National, Daily Record – Scotland Now, Daily Record Scotland, AOL News, Knutsford Guardian, BT News, Cumbernauld News, Portsmouth News, Yorkshire Post, Linlithgow Gazette, Redhill & Reigate Life, Ardrossan Herald, Gazette & Herald (Wiltshire), South Wales Argos, The Argus, Hillingdon Times, Your Local Guardian