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The 2023 Edinburgh Riding of the Marches will take place on Sunday 10th September.

Here you can contact our Media Centre for information on our events, apply for a Press Pass for our events and find information and links to media coverage of the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches in past years.

To download our Press Pack of event photographs, click here.

Take a look at some of the articles covering the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches:

Radio Coverage:

BFBS Radio Scotland Breakfast Show, Monday 11th September 2017

Tony McQue interviewed First Officer – and veteran of the Royal Navy & Royal Marines – Alfie Cummings, for BFBS Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland ‘Out for the Weekend’ Radio Show, Friday 15th September 2017

Event Co-ordinator of the Edinburgh Riding of the Marches talks about the 2017 event

Printed press:

The Times (Scotland & London), The Herald, The National, Edinburgh Evening News, Metro

Online press:

Daily Telegraph, Scotsman, Daily Mail, Express and Star, Evening Times, Belfast Telegraph, EQY Magazine (12th April & 13th September), The National, Daily Record – Scotland Now, Daily Record Scotland, AOL News, Knutsford Guardian, BT News, Cumbernauld News, Portsmouth News, Yorkshire Post, Linlithgow Gazette, Redhill & Reigate Life, Ardrossan Herald, Gazette & Herald (Wiltshire), South Wales Argos, The Argus, Hillingdon Times, Your Local Guardian